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Ground-to-Dock Ramps

When your needs would move a fork truck or vehicle up into or out of a building or other dock height structure, you need a stationary yard ramp. Typical docks are in the 39" to 60"+ range and a 30' all incline ramp work great. Add 6" or a little extra per side to your widest box, pallet or piece of equipment for some maneuvering room and a decision about a few accessories and you have a perfect solution for your loading dock. Our most popular model for this application is our 16SYS7030NU (the NU stands for no undercarriage...if you don't need to move the yard ramp you can save the money).
Part NumberCapacity (lbs)WidthUsable WidthLengthWeight (lbs)
16SYS7030NU 16,00070"64"30'3659
16SYS8430NU 16,00084"78"30'4464
20SYS7030NU 20,00070"64"30'3884
20SYS8430NU 20,00084"78"30'4689
25SYS7030NU 25,00070"64"30'4280
25SYS8430NU 25,00084"78"30'5105
30SYS7030NU 30,00070"64"30'4530
30SYS8430NU 30,00084"78"30'5405