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Ground-to-Truck Ramps

Bluff's Yard Ramps are the most copied design on the market. Our deep side members not only prevent run off for forklift use but also provide the strongest load member currently in use. If your need is to get a lift truck from the ground to the dock, from the ground into a trailer or to get your fleet of trucks into the building at night a Bluff Loading Ramp is the right choice.
Part NumberCapacity (lbs)WidthUsable WidthLengthWeight (lbs)
16SYS7036L 16,00070"64"36'5,102
16SYS8436L 16,00084"78"36'5,828
20SYS7036L 20,00070"64"36'5,327
20SYS8436L 20,00084"78"36'6,048
25SYS7036L 25,00070"64"36'5,762
25SYS8436L 25,00084"78"36'6,544
30SYS7036L 30,00070"64"36'6,020
30SYS8436L 30,00084"78"36'6,844