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Portable Docks

Each Bluff Platform has four legs and can be used independently or in combination with other units. As long as one side is 8’ or less they can be transported without being permit loads. Standard pricing includes structural run-off curbs on two sides. Standard legs are fixed height and can be made to match any reasonable dock. Optional adjustable legs come in pairs and elevate or lower one end of the platform from the set height. Other options include bumpers, edge-of-dock levelers and handrail made from Bluff MPB Railing (powder-coated yellow). Standard finish is gray with blue trim.

All Bluff platforms are painted with water base paints to reduce environmental impact and conform to Bluff Manufacturing’s “GREEN” policy.

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Part NumberModelCapacity (lbs)WidthLengthWeight (lbs)
16SP88 SP16,0008'8'2,450
16SP810 SP16,0008'10'2,833
16SP812 SP16,0008'12'3,306
20SP88 SP20,0008'8'2,682
20SP810 SP20,0008'10'3,120
20SP812 SP20,0008'12'3,647
25SP88 SP25,0008'8'2,560
25SP810 SP25,0008'10'3,200
25SP812 SP25,0008'12'3,840
30SP88 SP30,0008'8'2800
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